2017: Year of the Slug.

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2017: Year of the Slug.

Blencowe, Michael

Fellow Adastrans,


I don’t know about you but there have been plenty of times I’ve been out wildlife surveying in the past few years when I’ve noted “We’d be doing OK if this was a slug survey”. I’ve never seen so many of the bloody things.


The wet weather we’ve enjoyed over the past few springs and summers has provided bumper conditions for slugs. And I for one would like to learn a bit more about these marvellous mucousy molluscs. It would be great to be find out what they’re all about and be able to confidently identify a few. There’s only 45 species of ‘em in Britain so how hard can it be?


In February we’ll be welcoming slug expert Chris du Feu to Sussex to talk at the Sussex Biological Recorders Seminar.


Chris has agreed to stay an extra day in Sussex to run an ‘Introduction to British Slugs’ course on Sunday 12th February (10-4).


Chris says “The opening session will introduce the four slug families represented in Britain and gives some background to their ecology and distributions. This is followed by a hands-on session to identify the specimens brought in by course members. It is almost certain that there will be a number of new dots on the distribution maps which can be seen on the NBN Gateway website. The afternoon session will be outdoors aimed at recording as many slug species as possible in the field and increasing familiarity with species identification.”


No previous slug-specific knowledge is required (thankfully).


We’ve kept the costs low to encourage more amateur malacologists: £15 (SWT members), £21 (non-members)


Oh, and you’ll have to bring your own slugs too. And some wet-wipes I’d imagine.


Full details, including Chris’s tips on how to collect slugs, will be sent out after you book.


This course is not on the SWT website so if you would like to attend please call Filma Dyer on 01273 497561 where you can book by card.


Happy trails,




Michael Blencowe

People & Wildlife Officer

Sussex Wildlife Trust











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