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Hello subscribers to the Adastra mailing list,


You will be aware that the Adastra mailing list sends out a monthly reminder about your membership of this mailing list. If you’re like us, you probably delete it without reading it.


The reminders include a reminder of your Adastra password. Adastra passwords are only intended to provide mild security – to prevent others from messing with your subscription – and there’s a warning when you first subscribe to the mailing list which says: “Do no not use a valuable password as it will occasionally be emailed back to you in cleartext.”


Nevertheless, sending out passwords by email does not really fit with modern standards of internet security and an Adastra subscriber has asked us to review this practice.


We have decided to switch off the option for sending monthly reminders about your Adastra mailing list membership.


If you ever wish to unsubscribe from this mailing list, please use the box at the bottom of this page:


If you have questions, problems, comments, etc, send them to [hidden email].


It is our intention to review all our e-communications at some point, at the same time as updating our website, but it’s been a rather busy year in the record centre so we haven’t had much time to look at this yet.


Best wishes,




P.S. You may wish to keep this email as you won’t receive any future reminders about your Adastra mailing list membership.



Clare Blencowe
BRC Manager

Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre | 01273 497521

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