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Asian Hornet - update from NFBR


Dear Sussex biological recorders,


You may be interested to see the update from the National Forum for Biological Recording (NFBR), on the Asian Hornet. See below.


Best wishes,




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Dear NFBR member,


We've been asked by Defra to circulate their press release (linked below) concerning the recent discovery of the first confirmed UK record for Asian Hornet, found in Gloucestershire. This is unwelcome news, as Asian Hornet is a non-native and potentially invasive species that preys on other insects including honeybees 


Please do spread the word to any wildlife recorders that you are in touch with, so that any further sightings can be reported. But please also pass on the ID guide linked below! There have been many hundreds of incorrectly identified claims of Asian Hornet in the past, often due to confusion with the native Hornet species, and any new records should ideally be accompanied by photos or specimens to allow confirmation.

Defra press release: news/asian-hornet-identified- in-gloucestershire

Links to the ID guide:
http://www.nonnativespecies. org/alerts/index.cfm?id=4

Online recording page: alert.php?species=asian_hornet


While I'm emailing, here are a couple more pieces of news. The "Identification trainers for the future" project has been featured in previous NFBR newsletters - it is a year-long traineeship programme based at the Natural History Museum in London. Applications are now being accepted for the traineeships that will start in 2017: part/identification-trainers- for-the-future.html


And a reminder that the Field Studies Council hosts the "ID Signpost", a searchable database of identification resources for many different species groups. The list has been expanded recently, and if you know of further resources that should be included you can register and add them to the site:


See our Twitter and Facebook pages (linked below) for further news updates.







Martin Harvey, NFBR editor


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