Better Late than never?

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Better Late than never?

Vic Downer
When was the last time you heard a Cuckoo - I can't remember the last time I did.

So today held a surprise for me>
Walking up through Jevington Holt this morning - a Cuckoo calling - but he moved off back down the hill towards Jevington (so he must have been heard in village). 
About an hour later he was back near the top of Jevington Holt, though I don't think he ventured as far as getting over Lullington Heath today, but I'm told he was heard over the reserve in the last day or so. 
About 16:30 as I was leaving the reserve, he was still calling, but had moved south into the Friston Forest Project Area.

This was almost certainly the same bird in all cases, staying in one area, whereas my past recollections of hearing Cuckoo's, was that they quickly passed through?

Sorry Michael, not a Swallowtail, but I guess almost as interesting?


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