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Bryophyte recording | Mosses, liverworts and hornworts


Hello Adastrans,


Tom Ottley, the Sussex County Recorder for Bryophytes (Mosses, liverworts and hornworts), is moving to Wales. So, sadly for us, we shall be losing him from the Sussex biological recording community.


Tom leaves Bryophyte recording in Sussex in great shape. He’s enthused a great many recorders about the mosses and liverworts of Sussex and has done a prodigious amount of recording in the county himself – refinding many species which had not been seen since the early 20th century. You can read about some of the highlights of Sussex bryophyte recording under Tom’s watch in our annual Adastra publication (here:


But the good news is, a new County Recorder for Bryophytes has come forward, Dr. Timothy G. J. Rayner.


Tim has been in contact to say, “I'm setting up a postal identification service for bryophytes collected in Sussex, Surrey and Kent.  This service is available to anyone, not only members of the British Bryological Society.  It is a free service for individuals with small numbers of specimens requiring identification.  If identification of large numbers of specimens is required then I may need to impose a charge.”


Instructions on using this identification service are attached.


Happy hunting!


Kind regards,




Clare Blencowe
BRC Manager
Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre | 01273 497521

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Postal identification service for bryophytes collected in Sussex.docx (21K) Download Attachment