Lords Select Committee discusses importance of local biodiversity data

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Lords Select Committee discusses importance of local biodiversity data


Dear Adastrans,


You were a great source of support when Natural England decided to terminate funding agreements with local environmental record centres, in February last year. So I thought you might be interested to know that questions were raised on this subject yesterday in the Lords Select Committee on the Natural Environment & Rural Communities Act 2006, following submission of written evidence on this subject from the Association of Local Environmental Record Centres (here) and other organisations.


Jo Judge, Chief Executive of the National Biodiversity Network (NBN) was an excellent advocate for local environmental record centres and Stephanie Wray, President of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM), also highlighted the importance of local biodiversity data collected by volunteers and amateurs. You can watch their evidence here: http://parliamentlive.tv/event/index/408bcd7b-220e-4f2b-8144-2f0aa4f16eb1?in=12:15:17&out=12:18:45


Stephen Trotter, Director for England of The Wildlife Trusts, also highlighted the important work that local environmental record centres do, working with networks of volunteers. You can watch his evidence here:  http://parliamentlive.tv/event/index/408bcd7b-220e-4f2b-8144-2f0aa4f16eb1?in=11:40:05&out=11:47:30


It’s very encouraging for us here at Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre to know that this issue is being discussed at the highest levels. It’s difficult to know at this stage what the outcome might be, but we will continue to advocate for using the best available biodiversity data and information to inform planning, policy and decision-making. And that includes all the high quality data that you – the Sussex biological recording community – choose to share with SxBRC.


Thanks again for your support, it hasn’t gone unnoticed.



Clare Blencowe
BRC Manager

Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre
http://sxbrc.org.uk | 01273 497521

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