National Whale & Dolphin Watch Week 29th July to 6th August

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National Whale & Dolphin Watch Week 29th July to 6th August

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National Whale and Dolphin Watch Week, 29th July to 6th August is organized by the Sea Watch Foundation when members of the public can make a valuable contribution to sea mammal conservation by watching for sea mammals in their area.  In its 16th year, National Whale and Dolphin Watch provides a valuable annual snapshot of sea mammal activity across the 35 UK regional groups and is part of the foundations ongoing observation programme to survey and protect UK dolphins and whales.


While Sussex is not a region for high cetacean activity it does however provide an important part the National picture regarding the movements of species such as bottlenose dolphin, common dolphin, harbour porpoise as well as other occasional species.  I have coordinated the Sussex regional group since 1993 and you can find annual reports in Adastra for more information on Sussex sightings.


Unfortunately I have not been able to organise a manned public watch this year but anyone wishing to take part can find out more at


No sightings for Sussex so far during the event but sightings from around the UK can also be seen on the above link as they come in.




Steve Savage, Sussex regional coordinator Sea Watch Foundation