PondNet Spawn Survey 2017

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PondNet Spawn Survey 2017

Bob Foreman

Good morning Adastrans,


The Freshwater Habitats Trust has launched “PondNet Spawn Survey 2017” (see attached flyer), a nationwide project in which they are looking for us all to record evidence of frog or toad breeding wherever it is found. They are interested in records of spawn or tadpoles and the survey is running until the end of May.


There is a Spawn Survey page on the Freshwater Habitats Trust website with useful information on amphibian identification as well as survey forms and data entry guides. http://freshwaterhabitats.org.uk/projects/pondnet/spawnsurvey2017/.


All records they collect through this project will be shared with the SxBRC.


Best wishes,



Bob Foreman
Biodiversity Data Lead
Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre
http://sxbrc.org.uk | 01273 497570

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PondNet Recruitment Spawn Survey 2017 POSTER.PDF (1M) Download Attachment